Besuch in Varazdin (03.-09.11.19)

Am 03.11.19 startete  die Klasse 1 BK 1.2 zum  nun schon  traditionellen Besuch unserer kroatischen Partnerschule in Varazdin, begleitet von Frau Sabah und Frau Schulte-Strotmes.

Varazdin, Croatia

On the first day of our visit to Croatia we had a guided tour of the city of Varazdin. We saw the churches and the central market place. We also walked along the castle of Varazdin. Then we went to the school and got information about the timetable and the school .

Lehrerin am Buffet

On the next day we had breakfast in the hotel and went to school. We had ÜFA lessons with the Croatian students. Some of us played kahoot in class. After that we had lunch in the school cafeteria and went back to the hotel. In the afternoon we went to a museum about Neanderthals and learned something about the evolution of humans.

On Wednesday we drove by bus to Carkovec and visited the Technology Innovation Center. They showed us what they do and where they work. Later we walked to the centre of the city and had a guided tour there. We saw the ruins of a Jewish synagoge and the castle of Carkovec. We walked around the castle and had some free time for lunch. On our way home we stopped at the mall of Varazdin for some quick shopping.

On Thursday we drove by bus to the capital of Croatia. In Zagreb, a group of local students gave us a guided tour in German of the sights of Zagreb. They showed us the cathedral of Zagreb and more historical places. When the tour was over, we had free time again so most of us went shopping. In the evening we drove back to Varazdin by bus.

On the last day we had school with the Croatian Students. We were in small groups. My group had social studies in the first lesson, then accounting and two lessons of German. We had lunch in the school cafeteria. In the evening we visited the talent show “Max sucht den Superstar“ , a German talent show organized by the students of the school of Varazdin with students from all over Croatia.  At 9 pm we all drove back to Karlsruhe.

Tara Herdle, 1 BK 1.2